Object-Oriented Programming on the Network

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Object-Oriented Programming on the Network
Object-oriented programming techniques have been used with great success for some time. But the techniques of object-oriented programming have been largely confined to the single address space, and have not been applicable to distributed systems. Recent advances in language technology have allowed a change in the way distributed systems are constructed that does allow real object-oriented programming on the network. But these advances also change some of our most basic conceptions about the relationship between processor and code, and what it is that constitutes a computer. We will argue that a new computing architecture, based around the ideas of the network and full objectorientation, will soon become the dominant computing architecture, allowing us to tie together large numbers of devices but requiring that we think and design in entirely new ways. 1 Object-Oriented Systems Over the past fifteen years, object-oriented programming has moved from the research lab to the mainstream. Th...
Jim Waldo
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Year 1999
Authors Jim Waldo
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