Oblivious Keyword Search Protocols in the Public Database Model

7 years 12 months ago
Oblivious Keyword Search Protocols in the Public Database Model
— Databases associated with keywords, can be public, private or hybrid, as a result the solutions to keyword search protocols for each type are different. In this paper, we study the problem of privacy-preserving keyword search in the public database model where the data-item is public but a client wishes to retrieve some data-item or search data-item, without revealing to the server which item it is. The contribution of this paper is of three fold. In the first fold, an efficient implementation of oblivious linear function evaluation protocols for secure twoparty computation of a linear function over a finite field that does not emulate the circuit for computing oblivious linear function while at the same time it is provably secure against malicious adversary is presented. We show our implementation is provably secure assuming that the underlying Fujisaki-Okamoto’s commitment scheme is informational hiding and computational binding as well Paillier’s encryption scheme is sem...
Huafei Zhu, Feng Bao
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICC
Authors Huafei Zhu, Feng Bao
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