ODIN: A Model for Adapting and Enriching Legacy Infrastructure

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ODIN: A Model for Adapting and Enriching Legacy Infrastructure
The Online Database of Interlinear Text (ODIN)1 is a database of interlinear text "snippets", harvested mostly from scholarly documents posted to the Web. Although large amounts of language data are posted to the Web as part of scholarly discourse, making the existing "e-Linguistic infrastructure" surprisingly rich, most linguistic data available on the Web exists in legacy formats, is highly displaycentric, and is often difficult to locate or interoperate over. ODIN seeks to leverage this existing infrastructure into a rich, searchable, and interoperable resource by converting readily available semi-structured data to content-centric, searchable formats. To do this, ODIN mines scholarly papers and webpages for instances of linguistic data, focusing mostly on interlinear texts, extracts them, identifies source languages, and makes the instances available to search. Through ODIN's standard search feature, users can locate data by language name or Ethnologue cod...
William D. Lewis
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Year 2006
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