One MEMS Design Tool with Maximal Six Design Flows

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One MEMS Design Tool with Maximal Six Design Flows
This paper presents one MEMS design tool with total six design flows, which makes it possible that the MEMS designers are able to choose the most suitable design flow for their specific devices. The design tool is divided into three levels and interconnected by six interfaces. The three levels are lumped-element model based system level, finite element analysis based device level and process level, which covers nearly all modeling and simulation functions for MEMS design. The six interfaces are proposed to automatically transmit the design data between every two levels, thus the maximal six design flows could be realized. The interfaces take the netlist, solid model and layout as the data inlet and outlet for the system, device and process level respectively. The realization of these interfaces are presented and verified by design examples, which also proves that the enough flexibility in the design flow can really increase the design efficiency.
Honglong Chang, Jinghui Xu, Jianbing Xie, Chenglia
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where CORR
Authors Honglong Chang, Jinghui Xu, Jianbing Xie, Chengliang Zhang, Zijian Yan, Weizheng Yuan
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