Online Advertisement, Optimization and Stochastic Networks

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Online Advertisement, Optimization and Stochastic Networks
In this paper, we propose a stochastic model to describe how search service providers charge client companies based on users' queries for the keywords related to these companies' ads by using certain advertisement assignment strategies. We formulate an optimization problem to maximize the long-term average revenue for the service provider under each client's long-term average budget constraint, and design an online algorithm which captures the stochastic properties of users' queries and click-through behaviors. We solve the optimization problem by making connections to scheduling problems in wireless networks, queueing theory and stochastic networks. Unlike prior models, we do not assume that the number of query arrivals is known. Due to the stochastic nature of the arrival process considered here, either temporary "free" service, i.e., service above the specified budget (which we call "overdraft") or under-utilization of the budget (which we ca...
R. Srikant
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Year 2010
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Authors R. Srikant
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