Online Closure-Based Learning of Relational Theories

11 years 10 months ago
Online Closure-Based Learning of Relational Theories
Online learning algorithms such as Winnow have received much attention in Machine Learning. Their performance degrades only logarithmically with the input dimension, making them useful in large spaces such as relational theories. However, online first-order learners are intrinsically limited by a computational barrier: even in the finite, function-free case, the number of possible features grows exponentially with the number of first-order atoms generated from the vocabulary. To circumvent this issue, we exploit the paradigm of closure-based learning which allows the learner to focus on the features that lie in the closure space generated from the examples which have lead to a mistake. Based on this idea, we develop an online algorithm for learning theories formed by disjunctions of existentially quantified conjunctions of atoms. In this setting, we show that the number of mistakes depends only logarithmically on the number of features. Furthermore, the computational cost is essent...
Frédéric Koriche
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Type Conference
Year 2005
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Authors Frédéric Koriche
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