OntoGame: Weaving the Semantic Web by Online Games

11 years 11 months ago
OntoGame: Weaving the Semantic Web by Online Games
Most of the challenges faced when building the Semantic Web require a substantial amount of human labor and intelligence. Despite significant advancement in ontology learning and human language technology, the tasks of ontology construction, semantic annotation, and establishing alignments between multiple ontologies remain highly dependent on human intelligence. This means that individuals need to contribute time and sometimes other resources. Unfortunately, we observe a serious lack of user involvement in the aforementioned tasks, which may be due to the absence of motivations for people who contribute. As a novel solution, we (1) propose to masquerade the core tasks of weaving the Semantic Web behind online, multi-player game scenarios, in order to create proper incentives for human users to get involved. Doing so, we adopt the findings from the already famous "games with a purpose" by von Ahn, who has shown that presenting a useful task, which requires human intelligence,...
Katharina Siorpaes, Martin Hepp
Added 19 Oct 2010
Updated 19 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where ESWS
Authors Katharina Siorpaes, Martin Hepp
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