Ontology-based Active Requirements Engineering Framework

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Ontology-based Active Requirements Engineering Framework
Software-intensive systems are systems of systems that rely on complex interdependencies among themselves as well as with their operational environment to satisfy the required behavior. As we integrate such systems to create information infrastructures that are critical to the quality of our lives and the businesses they support, the need to effectively predict, control and evolve their behavior is ever increasing. To deal with their complexity, an important first step is to understand and model software-intensive systems, their environments and the interdependencies among them at different levels of ions from multiple dimensions. In this paper, we present an Ontology-based Active Requirements Engineering (Onto-ActRE [onto- kt r]) framework that adopts a mixed-initiative approach to elicit, represent and analyze the diversity of factors associated with software-intensive systems. The OntoActRE framework integrates various RE modeling techniques with complementary semantics in a unifyi...
Seok Won Lee, Robin A. Gandhi
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Seok Won Lee, Robin A. Gandhi
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