Ontology-based process mediation in the European project BRITE

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Ontology-based process mediation in the European project BRITE
: Service-oriented architectures (SOA) are recent architectures enabling interoperable machine-to-machine process interaction by generating a comprehensive view of independent software systems. However, when designing SOA-based process landscapes there are several problems that remain unsolved e.g. controllability, lifecycle- and change-management and cross-organisational usage of services. This paper elaborates the usage of a process ontology within the context of the integrated European project BRITE (Business Register Interoperability throughout Europe). The main objective of BRITE is to form a flexible business registration system within the European Union. In an enlarged EU the Business Registers (BRs) need to interact across borders in a seamless and coherent way and thereby BRs have to dissolve administrative, technical, cultural and language barriers. The vision is that each BR is able to exchange and interpret company registration information coming from BRs of other countries...
Ansgar Mondorf, Timo Herborn
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where MKWI
Authors Ansgar Mondorf, Timo Herborn
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