Ontology Generation from Tables

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Ontology Generation from Tables
At the heart of today’s information-explosion problems are issues involving semantics, mutual understanding, concept matching, and interoperability. Ontologies and the Semantic Web are offered as a potential solution, but creating ontologies for real-world knowledge is nontrivial. If we could automate the process, we could significantly improve our chances of making the Semantic Web a reality. While understanding natural language is difficult, tables and other structured information make it easier to interpret new items and relations. In this paper we introduce an approach to generating ontologies based on table analysis. We thus call our approach TANGO (Table ANalysis for Generating Ontologies). Based on conceptual modeling extraction techniques, TANGO attempts to (i) understand a table’s structure and conceptual content; (ii) discover the constraints that hold between concepts extracted from the table; (iii) match the recognized concepts with ones from a more general specific...
Yuri A. Tijerino, David W. Embley, Deryle W. Lonsd
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where WISE
Authors Yuri A. Tijerino, David W. Embley, Deryle W. Lonsdale, George Nagy
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