An ontology for Web service ratings and reputations

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An ontology for Web service ratings and reputations
Current Web services standards enable publishing service descriptions and finding services by matching requested and published descriptions based on syntactic criteria such as method signatures or service category. Emerging approaches such as DAML-S use DAML to formalize richer models for expressing capabilities of services. DAML-S would go beyond WSDL in terms of the richness of service descriptions. However, neither current Web services standards nor DAML-S provide a basis for selecting a good service or for comparing services that implement the same interface. In our view, service selection is the key problem to enable applicationto-application integration, which is the essential vision behind Web services. Existing approaches don’t address service selection, because service selection inherently involves trust and must consider criteria that are external to any published description of a service, whether in WSDL or DAML-S. Accordingly, this paper develops an ontology in which ra...
E. Michael Maximilien, Munindar P. Singh
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Updated 31 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where OAS
Authors E. Michael Maximilien, Munindar P. Singh
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