Opaque Control-Flow Integrity

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Opaque Control-Flow Integrity
Abstract—A new binary software randomization and ControlFlow Integrity (CFI) enforcement system is presented, which is the first to efficiently resist code-reuse attacks launched by informed adversaries who possess full knowledge of the inmemory code layout of victim programs. The defense mitigates a recent wave of implementation disclosure attacks, by which adversaries can exfiltrate in-memory code details in order to prepare code-reuse attacks (e.g., Return-Oriented Programming (ROP) attacks) that bypass fine-grained randomization defenses. Such implementation-aware attacks defeat traditional fine-grained randomization by undermining its assumption that the randomized locations of abusable code gadgets remain secret. Opaque CFI (O-CFI) overcomes this weakness through a novel combination of fine-grained code-randomization and coarsegrained control-flow integrity checking. It conceals the graph of hijackable control-flow edges even from attackers who can view the complete sta...
Vishwath Mohan, Per Larsen, Stefan Brunthaler, Kev
Added 15 Apr 2016
Updated 15 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2015
Where NDSS
Authors Vishwath Mohan, Per Larsen, Stefan Brunthaler, Kevin W. Hamlen, Michael Franz
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