Open Information Extraction from the Web

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Open Information Extraction from the Web
Traditionally, Information Extraction (IE) has focused on satisfying precise, narrow, pre-specified requests from small homogeneous corpora (e.g., extract the location and time of seminars from a set of announcements). Shifting to a new domain requires the user to name the target relations and to manually create new extraction rules or hand-tag new training examples. This manual labor scales linearly with the number of target relations. This paper introduces Open IE (OIE), a new extraction paradigm where the system makes a single data-driven pass over its corpus and extracts a large set of relational tuples without requiring any human input. The paper also introduces TEXTRUNNER, a fully implemented, highly scalable OIE system where the tuples are assigned a probability and indexed to support efficient extraction and exploration via user queries. We report on experiments over a 9,000,000 Web page corpus that compare TEXTRUNNER with KNOWITALL, a state-of-the-art Web IE system. TEXTRUN...
Michele Banko, Michael J. Cafarella, Stephen Soder
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Michele Banko, Michael J. Cafarella, Stephen Soderland, Matthew Broadhead, Oren Etzioni
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