Open standards and the role of politics

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Open standards and the role of politics
A necessary part of digital government is the use of standards that allow for technologies to interconnect and interoperate. A growing debate among the technical and policy community is whether governments should provide preferential treatment to open standards over de facto or proprietary standards. In this paper, we discuss our preliminary research into open standards. A core finding is that scholars and policymakers need to recognize the role of politics at many phases from the development to the adoption of open standards. By focusing on the role of politics, we are able to offer a number of useful proposals for addressing issues around open standards. Categories and Subject Descriptors K.4.1 [Computers and Society]: Public Policy Issues D.2.0 [Software]: Software Engineering-Standards General Terms Standards, Public Policy Keywords Standards, public policy, open standards
Rajiv C. Shah, Jay P. Kesan
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Type Conference
Year 2007
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Authors Rajiv C. Shah, Jay P. Kesan
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