An Open System for 3D Data Acquisition from Multiple Sensor

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An Open System for 3D Data Acquisition from Multiple Sensor
Abstract— This paper describes a work in progress on a multisensor system for 3D data acquisition. The system core structure is a 3D-range scan based on the well known active triangulation procedure and made of a camera, a laser light emitter and a software driven motor. The core system allows us to acquire dense point clouds of objects of about 50 cm. The system today hosts a second camera and thus is able to perform 3D reconstruction from two slightly different viewpoints and produce more dense point clouds. Also, since the motor can be driven back to the original position multiple scans can take place, to obtain smooth surfaces, and multiple information, such as texture and reliability measures. An alternative way of obtaining texture information is by means of a linear camera, also included in the system. We present results obtained with the current system, and describe extensions of the system in estimating noise and producing a more complex geometry description.
Francesco Isgrò, Francesca Odone, Alessandr
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where CAMP
Authors Francesco Isgrò, Francesca Odone, Alessandro Verri
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