OpenMath in SCIEnce: SCSCP and POPCORN

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OpenMath in SCIEnce: SCSCP and POPCORN
In this short communication we want to give an overview of how OpenMath is used in the European project “SCIEnce” [12]. The main aim of this project is to allow unified communication between different computer algebra systems (CASes) or different instances of one CAS. This may involve one or more computers, clusters, and even grids. The main topics are the use of OpenMath to marshal mathematical objects for transport between different CASes, an alternative textual OpenMath representation more suitable for human reading and writing, and finally the publicly released Java Library developed for the project. 1 Marshaling Mathematics in SCSCP When designing a uniform communication interface for Computer Algebra Systems, the first problem that needs to be solved is how to transport the mathematical objects from one system to another. Here, the obvious choice for us was OpenMath [6], since it is a widely used standard with a long history of assisting communication between CASes [1, 2...
Peter Horn, Dan Roozemond
Added 27 May 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2009
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Authors Peter Horn, Dan Roozemond
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