OpenVIDIA: parallel GPU computer vision

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OpenVIDIA: parallel GPU computer vision
Graphics and vision are approximate inverses of each other: ordinarily Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are used to convert “numbers into pictures” (i.e. computer graphics). In this paper, we propose using GPUs in approximately the reverse way: to assist in “converting pictures into numbers” (i.e. computer vision). The OpenVIDIA project uses single or multiple graphics cards to accelerate image analysis and computer vision. It is a library and API aimed at providing a graphics hardware accelerated processing framework for image processing and computer vision. OpenVIDIA explores the creation of a parallel computer architecture consisting of multiple Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) built entirely from commodity hardware. OpenVIDIA uses multiple Graphics Processing Units in parallel to operate as a general-purpose parallel computer architecture. It provides a simple API which implements some common computer vision algorithms. Many components can be used immediately and because t...
James Fung, Steve Mann
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Year 2005
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Authors James Fung, Steve Mann
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