Optimal allocation of electronic content

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Optimal allocation of electronic content
Abstract-The delivery of large files to single users, such as application programs for some versions of the envisioned network computer, or movies, is expected by many to be one of the main requirements of communication networks. This requires expensive high bandwidth capacity as well as fast and high storage servers. This motivates multimedia providers to optimize the delivery distances, as well as the electronic content allocation. A hierarchical architecture for providing the multimedia content was introduced by Nussbaumer, Patel, Schaffa, and Sternbenz (INFOCOM 94). They also introduced the trade-off between bandwidth and storage requirements for the placement of the content servers on the hierarchy tree. They found the best level of the hierarchy for the server location to minimize the total of the costs of communication and storage. Their algorithm is centralized. We solve the more general case where servers can be located at different levels of the hierarchy. Our algorithm is di...
Israel Cidon, Shay Kutten, Ran Soffer
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Where CN
Authors Israel Cidon, Shay Kutten, Ran Soffer
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