Optimal multi-channel cooperative sensing in cognitive radio networks

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Optimal multi-channel cooperative sensing in cognitive radio networks
In this paper, optimal multi-channel cooperative sensing strategies in cognitive radio networks are investigated. A cognitive radio network with multiple potential channels is considered. Secondary users cooperatively sense the channels and send the sensing results to a coordinator, in which energy detection with a soft decision rule is employed to estimate whether there are primary activities in the channels. An optimization problem is formulated, which maximizes the throughput of secondary users while keeping detection probability for each channel above a pre-defined threshold. In particular, two sensing modes are investigated: slotted-time sensing mode and continuous-time sensing mode. With a slotted-time sensing mode, the sensing time of each secondary user consists of a number of minislots, each of which can be used to sense one channel. The initial optimization problem is shown to be a nonconvex mixedinteger problem. A polynomial-complexity algorithm is proposed to solve the prob...
Rongfei Fan, Hai Jiang
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Updated 22 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
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Authors Rongfei Fan, Hai Jiang
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