Optimal Resource Allocation in Overlay Multicast

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Optimal Resource Allocation in Overlay Multicast
This paper targets the problem of optimal resource allocation in overlay multicast, which poses both theoretical and practical challenges. Theoretically, resource allocation among overlay flows is not only subject to the network capacity constraint, but also the data constraint, mainly due to the dual role of end hosts as both receivers and senders. Practically, existing distributed resource allocation schemes assume the network links to be capable of measuring flow rates, calculating and communicating price signals, none of which actually exists in the Internet today. We address these challenges as follows. First, we formalize the problem using nonlinear optimization theory, which incorporates both network constraint and data constraint. Based on our theoretical framework, we propose a distributed algorithm, which is proved to converge to the optimal point, where the aggregate utility of all receivers is maximized. Second, we propose an end-host-based solution, which relies on the ...
Yi Cui, Yuan Xue, Klara Nahrstedt
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Updated 04 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where ICNP
Authors Yi Cui, Yuan Xue, Klara Nahrstedt
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