Optimising thin clients for wireless active-media applications

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Optimising thin clients for wireless active-media applications
The thin client model is uniquely suited for lowbandwidth mobile environments, where resource-poor devices may need to access critical applications over wireless networks. In this paper, we argue for the significant advantages of using thin clients, and in the same time point to how high network latency could limit its utility. We introduce the concept of localization as an optimization approach to reduce the ill effect of high latency on thin client performance, especially in active media applications. We present our localization approach and algorithm, and show the results of four experimental case studies that quantify the benefit of localization, and the potential success of using thin clients in high latency wireless networks.
Cumbur Aksoy, Abdelsalam Helal
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Cumbur Aksoy, Abdelsalam Helal
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