Optimization of Formant Feature Based Speech Recognition

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Optimization of Formant Feature Based Speech Recognition
The paper deals with the use of formant features in dynamic time warping based speech recognition. These features can be simply visualized and give a new insight into understanding the reasons of speech recognition errors. The formant feature extraction method, based on the singular prediction polynomials, has been applied in recognition of isolated words. However, the speech recognition performance depends on the order of singular prediction polynomials, whether symmetric or antisymmetric singular prediction polynomials are used for recognition and as well on the fact even or odd order of these polynomials is chosen. Also, it is important to know how informative separate formants are, how the speech recognition results depend on other parameters of the recognition system such as: analysis frame length, number of the formants used in recognition, frequency scale used for representation of formant features, and the preemphasis filter parameters. Properly choosing the processing paramet...
Antanas Lipeika
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Updated 28 Jan 2011
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Year 2010
Authors Antanas Lipeika
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