Optimized Multipath Network Coding in Lossy Wireless Networks

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Optimized Multipath Network Coding in Lossy Wireless Networks
Network coding has been a prominent approach to a series of problems that used to be considered intractable with traditional transmission paradigms. Recent work on network coding includes a substantial number of optimization based protocols, but mostly for wireline multicast networks. In this paper, we consider maximizing the benefits of network coding for unicast sessions in lossy wireless environments. We propose Optimized Multipath Network Coding (OMNC), a rate control and routing protocol that dramatically improves the throughput of lossy wireless networks. OMNC employs multiple paths to push coded packets to the destination, and uses the broadcast MAC to deliver packets between neighboring nodes. The coding and broadcast rate is allocated to transmitters by a distributed optimization algorithm that maximizes the advantage of path diversity while avoiding congestion. With extensive experiments on an emulation testbed, we find that OMNC achieves significant throughput improvemen...
Xinyu Zhang, Baochun Li
Added 30 May 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Xinyu Zhang, Baochun Li
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