Ordered sets with interval representation and ( m , n )-Ferrers relation

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Ordered sets with interval representation and ( m , n )-Ferrers relation
: Semiorders may form the simplest class of ordered sets with a not necessarily transitive indifference relation. Their generalization has given birth to many other classes of ordered sets, each of them characterized by an interval representation, by the properties of its relations or by forbidden configurations. In this paper, we are interested in preference structures having an interval representation. For this purpose, we propose a general framework which makes use of n-point intervals and allows a systematic analysis of such structures. The case of 3-point intervals shows us that our framework generalizes the classification of Fishburn by defining new structures. Especially we define three classes of ordered sets having a non-transitive indifference relation. A simple generalization of these structures provides three ordered sets that we call "d-weak orders", "d-interval orders" and "triangle orders". We prove that these structures have an interval rep...
Meltem Öztürk
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Year 2008
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Authors Meltem Öztürk
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