Ordinal Computability

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Ordinal Computability
computability uses ordinals instead of natural numbers in abstract machines like register or Turing machines. We give an overview of the computational strengths of α-β-machines, where α and β bound the time axis and the space axis of some machine model. The spectrum ranges from classical Turing computability to ∞-∞-computability which corresponds to Gödel’s model of constructible sets. To illustrate some typical techniques we prove a new result on Infinite Time Register Machines (= ∞-ω-register machines) which were introduced in [5]: a real number x ∈ ω 2 is computable by an Infinite Time Register Machine iff it is Turing computable from some finitely iterated hyperjump 0(n) .
Peter Koepke
Added 26 May 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where CIE
Authors Peter Koepke
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