Orthogonal key-value locking

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Orthogonal key-value locking
: B-trees have been ubiquitous for decades; and over the past 20 years, record-level locking has been ubiquitous in b-tree indexes. There are multiple designs, each a different tradeoff between (i) high concurrency and a fine granularity of locking for updates, (ii) efficient coarse locks for equality and range queries, (iii) run time efficiency with the fewest possible invocations of the lock manager, and (iv) conceptual simplicity for efficient development, maintenance, and testing. A new design introduced here is efficient and simple yet supports both fine and coarse granularities of locking. A lock request may cover (i) a gap (open interval) between two (actual) key values, (ii) a key value with its entire list of (actual and possible) row identifiers (in a non-unique secondary index), (iii) a specific pair of key value and row identifier, or (iv) a distinct key value and a fraction of all (actual and possible) row identifiers. Using specific examples such as insertions, deletions,...
Goetz Graefe, Hideaki Kimura
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Year 2015
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Authors Goetz Graefe, Hideaki Kimura
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