Orthogonal projection regularization operators

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Orthogonal projection regularization operators
Abstract. Tikhonov regularization often is applied with a finite difference regularization operator that approximates a low-order derivative. This paper proposes the use of orthogonal projections as regularization operators, e.g., with the same null space as commonly used finite difference operators. Applications to iterative and SVD-based methods for Tikhonov regularization are described. Truncated iterative and SVD methods are also considered. Key words. ill-posed problem, regularization operator, orthogonal projection, Tikhonov regularization, truncated iteration, SVD, GSVD.
Serena Morigi, Lothar Reichel, Fiorella Sgallari
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Type Journal
Year 2007
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Authors Serena Morigi, Lothar Reichel, Fiorella Sgallari
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