Pad: an alternative approach to the computer interface

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Pad: an alternative approach to the computer interface
We believe that navigation in information spaces is best supported by tapping into our natural spatial and geographic ways of thinking. To this end, we are developing a new computer interface model called Pad. The ongoing Pad project uses a spatial metaphor for computer interface design. It provides an intuitive base for the support of such applications as electronic marketplaces, information services, and on-line collaboration. Pad is an infinite two dimensional information plane that is shared among users, much as a network file system is shared. Objects are organized geographically; every object occupies a well defined region on the Pad surface. For navigation, Pad uses “portals” - magnifying glasses that can peer into and roam over different parts of this single infinite shared desktop; links to specific items are established and broken continually as the portal’s view changes. Portals can recursively look onto other portals. This paradigm enables the sort of peripheral acti...
Ken Perlin, David Fox
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Type Conference
Year 1993
Authors Ken Perlin, David Fox
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