PageSense: style-wise web page advertising

11 years 5 months ago
PageSense: style-wise web page advertising
This paper presents an innovative style-wise advertising platform for web page. Web page “style” mainly refers to visual effects, such as color and layout. Unlike the most popular ad-network such as Google AdSense which needs publishers to change the original structure of their pages and define the position and style of the embedded ads manually, stylewise page advertising aims to automatically deliver styleconsistent ads at proper positions within the web page, without breaking the layout of the original page. Our system is motivated from the fact that almost 90% web pages contain blank regions without any content. Given a web page with some blank regions, style-wise page advertising is able to detect the suitable blank areas for advertising, rank the ads according to the semantic relevance and web page style, and embed relevant ads into these nonintrusive areas. Style-wise page advertising represents one of the first attempts towards contextual advertising which enables the p...
Lusong Li, Tao Mei, Xiang Niu, Chong-Wah Ngo
Added 03 Jul 2010
Updated 03 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where WWW
Authors Lusong Li, Tao Mei, Xiang Niu, Chong-Wah Ngo
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