Panoramic mosaics by manifold projection

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Panoramic mosaics by manifold projection
As the field of view of a picture is much smaller than our own visual field of view, it is common to paste together several pictures to create a panoramic mosaic having a larger field of view. Images with a wider field of view can be generated by using fish-eye lens, or panoramic mosaics can be created by special devices which rotate around the camera’s optical center (Quicktime VR, Surround Video), or by aligning, and pasting, frames in a video sequence to a single reference frame. Existing mosaicing methods have strong limitations on imaging conditions, and distortions are common. Manifold projection enables the creation of panoramic mosaics from video sequences under more general conditions, and in particular the unrestricted motion of a handheld camera. The panoramic mosaic is a projection of the scene into a virtual manifold whose structure depends on the camera’s motion. This manifold is more general than the customary projections onto a single image plane or onto a cyl...
Shmuel Peleg, Joshua Herman
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where CVPR
Authors Shmuel Peleg, Joshua Herman
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