Paraconsistent Assertions

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Paraconsistent Assertions
Classical logic predicts that everything (thus nothing useful at all) follows from inconsistency. A paraconsistent logic is a logic where inconsistency does not lead to such an explosion. We argue that paraconsistent logics are especially advantageous in order to deal with assertions made by intelligent agents. Other propositional attitudes like knowledge and beliefs can in principle be treated along the same lines. We propose a many-valued paraconsistent logic based on a simple notion of indeterminacy. The proposed paraconsistent logic has a semantics that extends the one of classical logic and it is described using key equalities for the logical operators. A case study is included. We briefly compare with logics based on bilattices. We finally investigate how to translate the paraconsistent logic into classical predicate logic thereby allowing us to make use of automated deduction of classical logic in the future. We base our initial translation on recent work by Muskens. Our fina...
Jørgen Villadsen
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Jørgen Villadsen
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