Paradigm Shifts and Business Processes: A Case Study

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Paradigm Shifts and Business Processes: A Case Study
The vast majority of IT systems are implemented using a traditional procedural paradigm approach using a suitable procedural language such as COBOL. However, with recent developments, particularly the trends towards e-Commerce applications and platform independence, many companies are realizing that they will have to re-engineer their systems to meet these trends. The Java language offers many advantages in such a re-engineering process, in particular, good webapplication development capabilities, platform independence for applications and security. However, Java is an Object Oriented language and changing from a procedural to an object based language would represent a fundamental paradigm shift. Such a shift raises concerns as to the ongoing integrity and robustness of the post paradigm-shift business domain. Specifically, there would be a need to investigate the new software paradigms feasibility in terms of its ability to accommodate all essential business processes and functions. ...
Paul Maclear, Paul Darbyshire
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Year 2003
Authors Paul Maclear, Paul Darbyshire
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