Parallel Iterator for Parallelizing Object-Oriented Applications

11 years 8 months ago
Parallel Iterator for Parallelizing Object-Oriented Applications
With the advent of multi-core processors, desktop application developers must finally face parallel computing and its challenges. A large portion of the computational load in a program rests within iterative computations. In object-oriented languages these are commonly handled using iterators which are inadequate for parallel programming. This paper presents a powerful Parallel Iterator concept to be used in objectoriented programs for the parallel traversal of a collection of elements. The Parallel Iterator may be used with any collection type (even those inherently sequential) and it supports several scheduling schemes which may even be decided dynamically at run-time. Some additional features are provided to allow early termination of parallel loops, exception handling and a solution for performing reductions. With a slight contract modification, the Parallel Iterator interface imitates that of the Java-style sequential iterator. All these features combine together to promote min...
Nasser Giacaman, Oliver Sinnen
Added 28 May 2011
Updated 28 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where IJPP
Authors Nasser Giacaman, Oliver Sinnen
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