Parallel programming over ChinaGrid

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Parallel programming over ChinaGrid
: Grid computing is becoming more and more attractive for providing a convenient uniform platform for coordinating highly distributed and heterogeneous resources and services. In this paper, a practical task-level distributed Parallel Programming Interface (PPI) for grid computing is introduced – GridPPI. It is an MPI-like interface with high-level parallel tasking over the grid. GridPPI is a prototype of Grid-API, which supports all operations that are necessary for such task-level distributed parallel computing over grids, including service discovering and selecting, task submitting and reporting, etc. In this paper, the Web Service Resource Framework (WSRF) service-oriented implementation and evaluation of the GridPPI on the ChinaGrid Support Platform (CGSP) are discussed in detail. A performance analysis is also made that shows that our efforts could provide a flexible and effective programming library in the grid environment.
Weiyuan Huang, Yongwei Wu, Yulai Yuan, Jia Liu, Gu
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors Weiyuan Huang, Yongwei Wu, Yulai Yuan, Jia Liu, Guangwen Yang, Weimin Zheng
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