On the Parallelization of the Sparse Grid Approach for Data Mining

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On the Parallelization of the Sparse Grid Approach for Data Mining
Abstract. Recently we presented a new approach [5, 6] to the classification problem arising in data mining. It is based on the regularization network approach, but in contrast to other methods which employ ansatz functions associated to data points, we use basis functions coming from a grid in the usually high-dimensional feature space for the minimization process. Here, to cope with the curse of dimensionality, we employ so-called sparse grids. To be precise we use the sparse grid combination technique [11] where the classification problem is discretized and solved on a sequence of conventional grids with uniform mesh sizes in each dimension. The sparse grid solution is then obtained by linear combination. The method scales only linearly with the number of data points and is well suited for data mining applications where the amount of data is very large, but where the dimension of the feature space is moderately high. The computation on each grid of the sequence of grids is independ...
Jochen Garcke, Michael Griebel
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Where LSSC
Authors Jochen Garcke, Michael Griebel
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