Parallelizing the Data Cube

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Parallelizing the Data Cube
This paper presents a general methodology for the efficient parallelization of existing data cube construction algorithms. We describe two different partitioning strategies, one for top-down and one for bottomup cube algorithms. Both partitioning strategies assign subcubes to individual processors in such a way that the loads assigned to the processors are balanced. Our methods reduce inter processor communication overhead by partitioning the load in advance instead of computing each individual group-by in parallel. Our partitioning strategies create a small number of coarse tasks. This allows for sharing of prefixes and sort orders between different group-by computations. Our methods enable code reuse by permitting the use of existing sequential (external memory) data cube algorithms for the subcube computations on each processor. This supports the transfer of optimized sequential data cube code to a parallel setting. The bottom-up partitioning strategy balances the number of single...
Frank K. H. A. Dehne, Todd Eavis, Susanne E. Hambr
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Where ICDT
Authors Frank K. H. A. Dehne, Todd Eavis, Susanne E. Hambrusch, Andrew Rau-Chaplin
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