Pareto-based Multi-Objective Machine Learning

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Pareto-based Multi-Objective Machine Learning
—Machine learning is inherently a multiobjective task. Traditionally, however, either only one of the objectives is adopted as the cost function or multiple objectives are aggregated to a scalar cost function. This can be mainly attributed to the fact that most conventional learning algorithms can only deal with a scalar cost function. Over the last decade, efforts on solving machine learning problems using the Pareto-based multiobjective optimization methodology have gained increasing impetus, particularly due to the great success of multiobjective optimization using evolutionary algorithms and other population-based stochastic search methods. It has been shown that Pareto-based multiobjective learning approaches are more powerful compared to learning algorithms with a scalar cost function in addressing various topics of machine learning, such as clustering, feature selection, improvement of generalization ability, knowledge extraction, and ensemble generation. One common benefit o...
Yaochu Jin
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Year 2007
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