Partitioning Cryptanalysis

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Partitioning Cryptanalysis
Matsui's linear cryptanalysis for iterated block ciphers is generalized to an attack called. This attack exploits a weakness that can be described by an e ective partition-pair, i.e., a partition of the plaintext set and a partition of the next-to-last-round output set such that, for every key, the next-to-last-round outputs are non-uniformly distributed over the blocks of the second partition when the plaintexts are chosen uniformly at random from a particular block of the rst partition. The last-round attack byis formalized and requirements for it to be successful are stated. The success probability is approximated and a procedure for nding e ective partition-pairs is formulated. The usefulness of is demonstrated by applying it successfully to six rounds of the DES. Keywords. Iterated block ciphers, linear cryptanalysis , , DES.
Carlo Harpes, James L. Massey
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where FSE
Authors Carlo Harpes, James L. Massey
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