Passively Controllable Smart Antennas

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Passively Controllable Smart Antennas
Abstract-- This work deals with devising a secure, powerefficient, beam-steerable and on-chip transmission system for wireless sensor networks. A passively controllable smart (PCS) antenna system is introduced, which can be programmed to generate different radiation patterns at the far field by adjusting its variable passive controller at every signal transmission. In particular, the PCS antenna is able to transmit data to a desired direction in such a way that no signal is sent in many undesired directions. To study the capabilities of a PCS antenna system, a number of sensor nodes are placed around a PCS antenna, where the nodes are all equipped with (short) sensing dipole antennas for signal reception. It is shown that a pre-specified set of voltages can be induced on the receiving antennas if and only if a linear matrix inequality (LMI) problem is feasible. Later on, this LMI problem is further simplified and its feasibility region is proved to be ellipsoidal. This feasibility regi...
Javad Lavaei, Aydin Babakhani, Ali Hajimiri, John
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Javad Lavaei, Aydin Babakhani, Ali Hajimiri, John C. Doyle
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