Path-based fault correlations

9 years 11 months ago
Path-based fault correlations
Although a number of automatic tools have been developed to detect faults, much of the diagnosis is still being done manually. To help with the diagnostic tasks, we formally introduce fault correlation, a causal relationship between faults. We statically determine correlations based on the expected dynamic behavior of a fault. If the occurrence of one fault causes another fault to occur, we say they are correlated. With the identification of the correlated faults, we can better understand fault behaviors and the risks of faults. If one fault is uniquely correlated with another, we know fixing the first fault will fix the other. Correlated faults can be grouped, enabling prioritization of diagnoses of the fault groups. In this paper, we develop an interprocedural, path-sensitive, and scalable algorithm to automatically compute correlated faults in a program. In our approach, we first statically detect faults and determine their error states. By propagating the effects of the error stat...
Wei Le, Mary Lou Soffa
Added 21 May 2011
Updated 21 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Wei Le, Mary Lou Soffa
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