AS Path Inference by Exploiting Known AS Paths

10 years 4 months ago
AS Path Inference by Exploiting Known AS Paths
Abstract— Inferring AS-level end-to-end paths can be a valuable tool for both network operators and researchers. A widely known technique for inferring end-to-end paths is to perform traceroute from sources to destinations. Unfortunately, traceroute requires the access to source machines and is resource consuming. In this paper, we propose two algorithms for AS-level end-toend path inference. The key idea of our algorithm is to exploit the AS paths appeared in BGP routing tables and infer AS paths based on these known AS paths. In addition, our algorithms infer AS paths on the granularity of destination prefix instead of destination AS. That is, we infer AS paths from any source AS to any destination prefix. This is essential since routing in the Internet is determined based on destination prefixes instead of destination ASs. The validation results show that our algorithm yields accuracy up to 95% for exact match and accuracy up to 97% for path length match. We further extend our ...
Jian Qiu, Lixin Gao
Added 11 Jun 2010
Updated 11 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Jian Qiu, Lixin Gao
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