Path Loss Exponent Estimation in Large Wireless Networks

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Path Loss Exponent Estimation in Large Wireless Networks
In wireless channels, the path loss exponent (PLE) has a strong impact on the quality of the links, and hence, it needs to be accurately estimated for the efficient design and operation of wireless networks. This paper addresses the problem of PLE estimation in large wireless networks, which is relevant to several important issues in communications such as localization, energy-efficient routing, and channel access. We consider a large ad hoc network where nodes are distributed as a homogeneous planar Poisson point process and the channels are subject to Nakagami-m fading. Under these settings, we propose and study three distributed algorithms for estimating the PLE at each node, which explicitly take into account the interference in the network. Additionally, we provide simulation results to demonstrate the performance of the algorithms and quantify the estimation errors.
Sunil Srinivasa, Martin Haenggi
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where CORR
Authors Sunil Srinivasa, Martin Haenggi
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