Path Selection Algorithms for Multi-Hop VANETs

10 years 4 months ago
Path Selection Algorithms for Multi-Hop VANETs
—In this paper, we introduce a collision model for vehicular cluster and we propose path selection algorithms for multi-hop VANETs. That is, we propose the intuitive algorithm named range-aware broadcasting (RAB), the collisions minimized optimal path selection algorithm (CM-Opt), SNR-guaranteed optimal path selection algorithm (SNRG-Opt), low-complexity SNR-guaranteed path selection algorithm (Low-SNRG), and distributed algorithms to reduce the number of collisions and/or reduce the complexity. We show that Low-SNRG has same performance as SNRG-Opt. Through computer simulations, it is shown that the proposed algorithms reduce the number of collision significantly. Also, it is shown that Low-SNRG has almost same average number of collisions as CM-Opt in spite of its low complexity. Also, the distributed path selection algorithm has similar performance to the non-distributed algorithms.
Chulhee Jang, Jae Hong Lee
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Updated 31 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where VTC
Authors Chulhee Jang, Jae Hong Lee
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