Patia: Adaptive Distributed Webserver

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Patia: Adaptive Distributed Webserver
ct This paper introduces the Patia Adaptive Webserver architecture, which is distributed and consists of semi-autonomous agents called FLYs. The FLY carries with it the set of rules and adaptivity policies required to deliver the data to the requesting client. Where a change in the FLY’s external environment could affect performance, it is the FLY’s responsibility to change the method of delivery (or the actual object being delivered). It is our conjecture that the success of today’s multimedia websites in terms of performance lies in the architecture of the underlying servers and their ability to adapt to changes in demand and resource availability, as well as their ability to scale. We believe that the distributed and autonomous nature of this system are key factors in achieving this.
Julie A. McCann, Gawesh Jawaheer, Linxue Sun
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Updated 04 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Julie A. McCann, Gawesh Jawaheer, Linxue Sun
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