Pattern Based SOA Deployment

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Pattern Based SOA Deployment
Abstract. A key function of a Service Oriented Architecture is the separation between business logic and the platform of its implementation and deployment. Much of the focus in SOA research has been on service design, implementation, composition, and placement. In this paper we address the challenge of configuring the hosting infrastructure for SOA service deployment. The functional and non-functional requirements of services impose constraints on the configuration of their containers at different levels. Presently, such requirements are captured in informal documents, making service deployment a slow, expensive, and error-prone process. In this paper, we introduce a novel approach to formally capturing service deployment best-practices as model-based patterns. Deployment patterns capture the structure of a solution, without bindings to specific resource instances. They can be defined at different levels of abstraction supporting reuse, and role-based iterative refinement and com...
William Arnold, Tamar Eilam, Michael H. Kalantar,
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors William Arnold, Tamar Eilam, Michael H. Kalantar, Alexander V. Konstantinou, Alexander Totok
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