'Pay-per-use' Concept in Healthcare: A Grounded Theory Perspective

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'Pay-per-use' Concept in Healthcare: A Grounded Theory Perspective
Healthcare organizations worldwide are faced with the growing challenge of introducing structural and technological reforms and cost-effective IT solutions that will transform the traditional structure of healthcare provision. Current technological developments have shed optimistic light on the future of IT in healthcare. This paper introduces ‘Pay-Per-Use’ concept in healthcare delivery services, which could prove appropriate for a small country like the State of Kuwait. The research question is directed towards the appropriateness and usefulness of such a concept. The need for effective and efficient healthcare delivery services in health organizations implies the need to establish a healthcare paradigm that is investment,communication,technology, platform,database,application - independent. The Grounded Theory (GT) forms the basis of the new concept, using a social context and referring to a typical clinical scenario. The social process fundamental to GT provides a specific and...
Abdullah A. Akbar
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Year 2003
Authors Abdullah A. Akbar
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