PB-FFD: A Point-Based Technique for Free-Form Deformation

9 years 7 months ago
PB-FFD: A Point-Based Technique for Free-Form Deformation
This paper presents PB-FFD, a novel, interactive, point-based technique for performing free-form deformation of polygonal meshes. First, a volumetric deformation space is de ned as the linear combination of overlapping, ellipsoidal radial basis functions (EBFs) of compact support. Mesh vertices are then parameterized with respect to local coordinate frames centered over the origins of the EBFs. As in traditional FFD, the mesh vertices are displaced in response to changes in the control point positions. Hence, PB-FFD presents to the user an interface similar to that of traditional free-form deformation, but does not require that a deformation lattice be explicitly constructed. PB-FFD also supports multiresolution control, direct manipulation of meshes, automatic construction and re nement of the deformation space, among other bene ts. The paper covers important implementation issues, discusses any special cases that may arise during use of the technique, and provides advice to practiti...
Kevin T. McDonnell, Hong Qin
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Updated 15 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors Kevin T. McDonnell, Hong Qin
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