Perceptually Enhanced Multimedia Processing, Visualization and Transmission

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Perceptually Enhanced Multimedia Processing, Visualization and Transmission
Data reduction has long been a method for adaptation to limited computational and network resources. But one major concern is the tradeoff between preserving visual quality and reducing data size. Furthermore, the presence of multi-modal data, e.g. visual and aural, is common and therefore distributing competing resources among multi-modal data to achieve optimal visual quality becomes a major. Since humans are typically the penultimate viewer of multimedia data, it is reasonable to take human perception into consideration during the data reduction and resource distribution process, in order to estimate and control the resulting visual quality. Psychophysical experiments reported in the literature have shown that better performance can be achieved in multimedia processing, visualization and transmission, by incorporating perceptual factors. This paper gives an overview of how human perception plays a role in the development of multimedia applications, so as to inspire and inform futur...
Irene Cheng, Randy Goebel
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ISM
Authors Irene Cheng, Randy Goebel
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