Performance Analysis of V-BLAST with Optimum Power Allocation

12 years 8 months ago
Performance Analysis of V-BLAST with Optimum Power Allocation
—Comprehensive performance analysis of the unordered V-BLAST algorithm with various power allocation strategies is presented, which makes use of analytical tools and resorts to Monte-Carlo simulations for validation purposes only. High-SNR approximations for the optimized average block and total error rates are given. The SNR gain of optimization is rigorously defined and studied using analytical tools, including lower and upper bounds, high and low SNR approximations. The gain is upper bounded by the number of transmitters, for any modulation format and any type of fading. This upper bound is achieved at high SNR by the considered optimization strategies. While the average optimization is less complex than the instantaneous one, its performance is almost as good at high SNR. A measure of robustness of the optimized algorithm is introduced and evaluated, including compact closed-form approximations. The optimized algorithm is shown to be robust to perturbations in individual and tota...
Victoria Kostina, Sergey Loyka
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Victoria Kostina, Sergey Loyka
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