Performance Evaluation of JXTA Rendezvous

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Performance Evaluation of JXTA Rendezvous
Project JXTA is the first peer-to-peer application development infrastructure, consisting of standard protocols and multi-language implementations. A JXTA peer network is a complex overlay, constructed on top of the physical network, with its own identification and routing scheme. JXTA networks depend on the performance of rendezvous peers, whose main role is to facilitate search and discovery of the peer group resources. This paper presents the evaluation of performance and scalability properties of JXTA rendezvous peers and the JXTA Rendezvous Network. The rendezvous peer performance is analyzed in respect to the peer group size, query rate, advertisement cache size, peer group structure and other variables. The results indicate significant improvements in the current rendezvous implementation and provide insight into the relationship between different search models in JXTA. This study identifies the performance and scalability issues of the JXTA rendezvous and discovers the effects...
Emir Halepovic, Ralph Deters, Bernard Traversat
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Updated 20 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Emir Halepovic, Ralph Deters, Bernard Traversat
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